Our Reason

The overwhelming need of our Veterans is our reason for doing what we do. Maintaining the promise to not leave “one of our own” behind, fuels our commitment to reaching our brothers and sisters-in-arms and to help them find their way home in body and mind. Transitioning back to the civilian sector is hard. People told us it would be hard, but up until that point, “hard” was a just another normal day. Over time, hard became irritability. It became increased conflict and distrust in relationships. It became difficulty sleeping, driving, leaving, returning, thinking, remembering, forgetting and even breathing. Hard took on a whole new meaning when we came home and realized we were living in a world that we had forgotten how to navigate without our band of brothers. Yes, transitioning is hard, alright!

This is why Vetitation exists. We are here because we understand that difficulty, and we have found meditation to be a practice that has helped. We are here to offer that to our fellow brothers and sisters. We are here to answer questions you may have about our retreat. You may reach us through the Contact page. In addition, you may see what other Veterans have to say about the retreats through the Testimonial page.


Our Mission

Vetitation is committed to creating intensive wellness retreats for United States Veterans and Service Members. Our retreats are an opportunity for Veterans to leave the chaos of daily life behind, so they can return home deeply connected to their authentic selves, ready to create the lives they were meant to live. Our retreats help create clarity of purpose and support the next steps for manifesting the life that is possible. During Vetitation retreats, Veterans learn meditation and are introduced to other mind-body practices such as yoga, Somatic Experiencing, and other modalities to maintain a healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Mediation can calm the war in your body and mind so you can find peace in your soul.
— Vanessa Hughes, USMC

OUR model


Vetitation enrolls Veterans who live with PTSD and struggle with other types of disorders. The purpose of our retreats is to help Veterans learn skills and practices to promote healthy living and to increase life satisfaction and wellness. We follow a wellness-based educational model. Our participants leave our retreats feeling more embodied, and sustain the effects offered through meditation and other mind-body practices.

We ensure each Veteran maximizes his or her experience at the retreats. Vetitation adapts the practices or selects particular forms of meditation to meet the various needs of our participants. To accomplish this, our application process involves a screening and personal interview. These interviews are done by individuals with mental health training. While our staff is partially comprised of mental health providers, neither these individuals nor other Vetitation staff offer mental health treatment for PTSD or other diagnoses during retreat, nor do we ask about traumatic experiences. Sometimes a Veteran applicant has symptoms that are severe enough that the Vetitation team feels they would require mental health treatment to stabilize before attending the retreat. In these instances, applicants are given resources for treatment along with an invitation to reach back out to our team once their mental health provider believes they are ready to experience meditation with Vetitation.