What are veterans saying about vetitation retreats?


Find and be yourself

“After the gunfire, explosions, smoke, smells, adrenaline, and sheer terror that is combat, you are left with memories, dreams, guilt, an attitude that civilian life is trivial, and a realization that most people don’t understand how you feel. Why? Because unless they have seen and survived, they won’t understand.

Well, I understand…I was there and I found my way back through meditation. It has helped me more than anything else. I hope to help others find and become themselves again.”—Erik Younger, Founder of Vetitation

some of our participants have said…

“I left the retreat feeling a little bit afraid but also hopeful that I can use the meditation and yoga techniques I learned and be better than I was, live a happier and much-more-chill life than I have, and learn to be more okay with letting my guard down by taking baby steps and building the qualities I saw and adored in the women around me. I definitely didn’t expect to make friends there, but I did. I am left with an overwhelming feeling of hope and inspiration! Thank you so much for the offerings of hope”

“In just a few days, the Vetitation Program achieved what the VA could not in the 12 years since I had retired from the military. In addition, I slept like a rock every night.”

“I was able to move an incredible mountain that’s been in my way for almost 40 years.”

“You met me at a place that kept me safe emotionally, but challenged me to step out of my comfort. It’s amazing how you did that.”

“God gave you a key that unlocked some slammed doors that I was okay with never opening.”


“You guys and gals at Vetitation hit the nail on the head and I will always be thankful for the time spent learning meditation with an outstanding group of Veterans that came together as strangers and left as brothers and sisters.” B-Desert Storm

“Vetitation is an amazing organization that has already began to change my life, and the results have been seen. Since I have been home, my wife has recognized that I seem present in our marriage for the first time in almost 13 years. I am focused and determined. The small stressful things in life are bothering me less and less with each one that appears. I am beginning to open up again”-J

“Upon returning to work, my boss called me in the office just to tell me that HE had not seen me this relaxed and happy looking in years.”

“The facilitators were amazing: compassionate and gentle while pushing you out of the place where you’ve built a sturdy mask for the world. It was overwhelming and gentle at the same time. Michelle has an overwhelming calm about her. Alison exudes gentle happiness and the chance that that’s possible for me too. And Vanessa rocked my whole world with poignant questions that made me reevaluate my own mask to the world while being gentle enough that I wasn’t left feeling destroyed. They left me feeling hopeful for better days to come.”