Why support?

Most people know or work with a U.S. Veteran. Veterans return home and re-engage life as a member of the community. Veterans are our neighbors, friends, church members, family members, coworkers and employees. They are integrated members of our communities. Veterans also have higher rates of physical and mental health issues compared to non-Veterans. This is seen in the high suicide rated in the Veteran population. One of Vetitation’s founding donors decided to support a Veteran program after their company lost a second Veteran employee to suicide. Veterans struggle to reintegrate and heal from the wounds of war.

Our funders are everyday businesses, community groups, families and individuals who are determined to do their part to help Veterans return home in body and mind.

Vetitation uses tax deductible donations, big or small, to provide life preserving meditation and other wellness modalities to Veterans who struggle with PTSD and other service-related issues. Our retreats enable Veterans to find peace in mind, body and spirit. Our participants are offered a rare opportunity to leave the chaos of daily life behind, so they can find or create clarity of their purpose and the next steps for manifesting the life they long for. When our participants return home, they are able to deeply connect to their authentic selves, and are ready to create lives that are possible.

We fund our Veterans to attend Vetitation retreats because we believe Veterans have already paid. We feel strongly that our nation’s Veterans should not have to finance the recovery of wounds incurred through the protection of this country. Further, PTSD and war-related struggles often impact employability which causes financial strain. It is our turn to serve them.

Vetitation will also work with companies to send Veteran employees who may benefit from this program.

Thank you for supporting our Veterans,

The Vetitation Team

Donate to Support

Sponsor a Veteran or donate to support our service men and women. This program is free to Veterans.

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